Magazine Calendar Listings - Paid

Our magazine calendar is a wonderful resource to help fill your next workshop or event. 

  • If you charge or request a specific donation amount for your event, we charge $20 per listing per month which must be paid for in advance through PayPal below.
  • After purchasing listings, Click on the Return to Naturally Tucson LLC link in the PayPal confirmation box to be redirected to page where you will enter your event details. 
  • For additional exposure, we offer Mark Your Calendar Bolded listings.




  • Word limit: 300 characters or less. 
Number of Listings
Name of Event
Person submitting listings


  • Word limit: 150 characters or less.
  • 6 months minimum. If length of event is less than six months, purchase multiple Event Listings.
Number of Listings (Price is for 6 months)
Name of Business
Person submitting listings


  • For maximum exposure, add a border, highlighting, and a headline. Includes 50 words.
  • $59 for current advertisers/$99 for non-advertisers
One-Time Events Only: Pricing Option
Listing Title
Date of Event


Paid Magazine Calendar Submission Guidelines

  • All calendar listings must be paid for first via PayPal and then submitted via our online calendar.
  • The Calendar sections are for one-time or ongoing events only. By Appointment listings and classified ads must appear in the Classified section.
  • Listings that are not repeating events may not be listed in the Ongoing events section.
  • If you run a listing in the Ongoing calendar, it cannot be repeated in the Events calendar or vice-versa.
  • Submission deadline: The cutoff date for any month’s issue is the 10th of the preceding month.  We appreciate and encourage people to send their listings in as soon as possible to give us time to prepare the magazine. 
  • Price per listing:  Events and Ongoing calendar: $20. Mark Your Calendar bolded listing: $59/advertiser, $99/non-advertiser.
  • Word Limit: 40 words or less. We reserve the right to edit as needed.
  • Writing Style: Please write objectively in the third person, without using words like I, we, me, my, mine, our, us, you, your, etc.
  • Free Calendar Listings for Magazine Advertisers: If you have a display ad in the magazine (1/6 page or greater), you are allowed up to five free listings in the current Events or Ongoing calendar sections. If you have an ad smaller than 1/6 page or a listing in the Community Resource Guide list in the magazine, you are allowed two free calendar listings. (Click here for Free Calendar Listings). Additional listings may be purchased at the standard rate. 
  • Ongoing events must be verified every month that the event is still ongoing.
  • Confirmation: You will receive an automated email confirmation of receipt of your calendar submission after you have submitted via the online calendar. If you do not receive this confirmation, contact to verify receipt.

How to Submit Your Listing

  • Purchase your listing using the PayPal Buy It Now Buttons.
  • After purchasing your listing(s), PayPal will redirect you to the Calendar Submission page on our website.
  • If for some reason that link doesn't redirect you, please click here to SUBMIT PAID LISTINGS
  • Create an account if it is your first time submitting a listing, or login to your account if you are a returning user.
  • Fill out the Submit An Event form. 
  • Keep description lengths to 25 or less words for Event Listings and and 20 words or less for Ongoing Listings. We will edit at our own discretion if over the limit.
  • EDITING A LISTING: If you need to make changes to your listing, Log In to your account and click on My Events to make edits.

Thank you for your submission!

Questions? Please email us at