Magazine Calendar Listings



1. Please choose the category below that best describes the type of calendar listing you are looking to submit. For example, you advertise every month in Natural Awakenings and are entitled to either two or five free listings each month.

2. Click on the button next to the appropriate category. 

3. You will be redirected to a page to either Purchase Listing or Enter Free Listing. 

All listings appear online and in print; however, for your listing to appear in the upcoming print issue, submission deadline is the 10th of the preceding month. All submissions require approval before going live on the online calendar.  Please allow 3-4 days for this to occur. 


I currently run a Display Ad (5 free listings) and/or Community Resource Guide Listings (2 free listings)

Paid Calendar Listing

Purchase a calendar listing in the print and online magazine or a Mark Your Calendar Bolded Listing in the print magazine. These are for events that charge an attendance fee or request a specified donation amount. 

Free Listing

My event is free to attend. Note: My event is free to attend. I am not asking for a donation of any kind.