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The Natural Awakenings Community Resource Guide is a listing of businesses and practitioners from our community related to natural health, fitness, green living, optimal nutrition, personal development, as well as other businesses who want to reach an educated, health conscious, socially and environmentally aware reader.

Listings in the Community Resource Guide are categorized by business type or modality and can be customized with extra lines, words and a photo or logo, depending on the needs and budget of the advertiser.

If you run your Community Resource Guide listing along with a display ad, it provides you with two ads in the same issue; one with the pop and zing of display advertising and the other with the sober, informational approach provided by Community Resource Guide listings. You can even direct the reader to your display ad by placing the page number of your ad at the end of the listing! If they miss your ad in the body of the magazine, they will be referred back when viewing your Community Resource Guide listing.

Build your listing to fit YOUR needs...AND budget.

Sample Listing with Items and Photo


Note: Additional words for cross-referencing a display ad are free of charge, i.e., “See ad page XX.”

 Basic Monthly Listing Rates:

Listing Type   12 Month*
Without Display Ad   $75/month
Display Advertisers
with 12 month contract
  • Includes 2 free Event or Ongoing calendar listings per month in the magazine and 2 free calendar listings on the Website.

Basic Listing Includes:

Select Category:  Include under existing category.  Custom categories may be considered upon request.

4 items* and up to 40-word description...... Each word over 40 is $1 per word.

Additional items can be included in the listings at a charge of $5 each (per month).

Suggested Items

  • Business or Professional Name
  • Contact Name
  • Address
  • Phone (+ City)
  • Additional Phone (Cell)
  • Fax
  • E-mail Address
  • Web Address
  • Service(s) Provided


  • Up to 40 words.
  • Additional words may be added at $1 per word.

We suggest that you compose your Items and Description in a text document and copy and paste it to the form boxes.  It you take too long filling in the form it will time out and you will lose all content that you have entered.

Color Photo or Logo 

  • Include a photo or logo (choose one), and upload with submission. Must be jpeg or png file. 

All listings are due by the 10th of the month.

If you have any further questions please e-mail

  Community Resource Guide Submission Form



Please Note: Item 1 TITLE will automatically appear in BOLD CAPS in the magazine. You may use ALL CAPS in the titles but not in the listing description. No italics or underlined styles are used in the listing description. Words are counted as any set of letter/numbers separated by a hyphen or a slash.

Full Name*

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Business Name (if different)

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E-mail Address*

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Phone number*

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Type of Listing*

New Listing
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Please choose a category.


This is the heading under which your listing will appear.

Please choose a sub-category.

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Item 1: TITLE*

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Item 2:

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Item 3:

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Item 4:

40 characters maximum including spaces.

Item 5 ($5):

40 characters maximum including spaces.

Item 6 ($5):

40 characters maximum including spaces.

Item 7 ($5):

40 characters maximum including spaces.

Item 8 ($5):

40 characters maximum including spaces.

Description: *

Up to 40 words free. Additional words may be added at $1.00 per word. No ALL CAPS please.


How many extra words over 40?

Please make an accurate count.  Errors will result in extra billing/credit that may result in missed deadlines.

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Are you adding a photograph or logo? 

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Advertising Period? *

12 Months

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After submitting, you will be contacted with online payment instructions. PayPal or Credit Card only.

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